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Why use SlidesPro?

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Video meetings contradict everything we've learned in 'Public Speaking 101'.

Remember the real world? It wasn't that long ago when we used to present on stage or in a room filled with people. And don't we all remember the #1 rule of standing on stage - use your presentation to help draw your viewers' focus on you.

The recent transition to remote working has brought on many opportunities, from reaching new clients to attending worldwide events. But one thing has been seriously harmed - our attention spans. Sitting in the same room every day, watching a computer screen can be exhausting, and many times, we find ourselves browsing social media while others speak. If you do this, so do your viewers.

Pizazz - professional Zoom presentations

Why does this happen? Simple. When presenting in a virtual meeting, your presentation is displayed on a large portion of the screen, while you, the speaker, are shown in a small window. This limits your ability to capture attention during your talk and bores your viewers.

SlidesPro helps you reconnect with your audience and capture viewers' attention by placing you in the foreground of your presentations. Using SlidesPro, you can regain that lost sense of connection between you and the people your are speaking with.

Share slides as a virtual background

SlidesPro is also easy to use - just upload your slides to your profile area, select the template you'd like to use and voilà!

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