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Slides as a virtual background. Better.

Create embedded virtual presentations to engage viewers and capture attention, in three simple steps.

Slides as Virtual Background

We've added Pizazz to meetings at:

Entrepreneurship Program
Pizazz features

Avoid distractions. Focus on you.

Present as you should be presenting

Appear alongside your content to present as you do in real-life and help viewers focus on you.

Pizazz slides as virtual background
Presentation as a virtual background

Customize your video background

Tired of the Golden Gate Bridge background? Choose from our professionally designed rooms - with or without a green screen.

Better video meetings are just three steps away

Upload your zoom presentation
Upload your presentation
Pizazz presentations
Pizazz does its magic
Slides as a virtual background
Amaze your viewers

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Add some Pizazz to your meetings now


(noun)  |  /pəˈzæz/

- An attractive combination of energy and style; sparkle, vitality or glamour.

// "Did you see John's presentation yesterday? Wow, that dude has some serious Pizazz!"

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