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How to share your presentation as a virtual background on Zoom

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Deliver presentations in a more professional way with the new beta feature Zoom recently released. Instead of sharing your screen, you can now upload your presentation directly to Zoom and use it as your video background for an immersive sharing experience. Presenting your presentation as a virtual background will allow you to position yourself wherever you want on the screen, manage your presentation directly from Zoom and finally stop asking if everyone can see your presentation.

Share presentation as a virtual background

Sharing your presentation as a virtual background

1. Go to Share Screen (the green button in the middle of the meeting controls)

Zoom meeting controls bar

2. Advanced

3. Slides as Virtual Background

Slides as a Virtual Background

4. Select the PowerPoint presentation from your computer

5. Open

Upload slides as a virtual background to Zoom

Your presentation will be shown as your virtual background. If your video is on, it will be imposed over the slides.

* Transitions, animation, or sound are not supported at the moment.

Slides as a Virtual Background Zoom

Managing the slides and video

  • You can reposition your video by dragging it around and resize it by dragging the corners around the video. You can also do that by clicking on the ... in the presentation menu.

Share slides virtual background
  • You can navigate through your slides with the arrowes in the meeting controls.

Deliver a presentation as a virtual background
  • If you want to remove the video from the slides click on the ... and Split Video from Slides. To re-impose your video click Merge Video and Slides.

  • To look more professional, create a virtual office with your slides as a virtual background.

Requirements for sharing slides as a virtual background

  • Zoom desktop client for Windows / MacOS, version 5.2.0, or higher.

  • Make sure your device meets the basic requirements for SlidesPro

  • PowerPoint / Keynote installed locally.

  • The viewer should also have version 5.2.0 or higher.

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1 Comment

Dec 23, 2023
Thank you for the very clear explanation on how to make a presentation as a background in zoom. It would be cool if you made a video about this and added it to this article, especially since a free screen recorder allows you to do this without any problems.
Looking forward to your new video!
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