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  • How to share your presentation as a virtual background on Zoom?
    Go to Share Screen (the green button in the middle of the meeting controls) Advanced Slides as Virtual Background Select the PowerPoint presentation from your computer Open Your presentation will be shown as your virtual background. If your video is on, it will be imposed over the slides. * Transitions, animation, or sound are not supported by Zoom at the moment.
  • What are the requirements for sharing slides as a virtual background on Zoom?
    Zoom desktop client for Windows / MacOS, version 5.2.0, or higher. Make sure your device meets the basic requirements for Zoom Virtual Backgrounds PowerPoint / Keynote installed locally. The viewer should also have version 5.2.0 or higher.
  • How to update Zoom?
    Sign in to Zoom from your desktop client Click on your profile picture Check for updates Zoom will download and install the newest version available
  • In which platforms can I share my slides as a virtual background?
    Currently, Zoom is the only platform that offers the option to use your slides as a virtual background. Hopefully, the rest of the video conference platforms will add this feature soon.
  • What is the maximum presentetion size I can upload to ZoomSlidesPro?
    25 MB
  • How can I contact you?
    Please feel free to contact our team at
  • Which type of presentetions can I upload to ZoomSlidesPro?
    PPTX, PPT, PDF, KEY. If you try to upload a diffrent format that is not supported you convert it to PDF and upload it or contact us.
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